Connect with our Social Media Specialists

Social media allows you to directly connect with your audience to promote your brand awareness and in turn drive more traffic and potential sales to your website. A strong social media presence will help build your brand trust by building a personalised connection with your audience about your unique selling point.

Why Your Business Needs SMM

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Generate awareness and conversation.
  • Helps your content travel.
  • Develop a strong link building strategy.
Social Media Marketing Perth

Connect with our Social Media Specialists

Our Social Media Specialists will be your direct point of contact when investing in your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

To start, our Social Media Specialists will setup a workshop to understand your brand identity, who you are as an individual, and who you are as a brand.

After this intial workshop our Social Media Specialists will strategically deveop a creative social strategy to increase your brand identity, audience awareness, and engagement.

Social Workshops at Novata Solutions

Coffee is an integral part of our day-to-day activities, so over coffee, we will have a chat and discuss your past, present, and future social media needs.  From here, we will identify your brand identity and develop your business' tone of voice.

Social Market Research at Novata Solutions

Here we will focus on what your competitors are doing and how we can create a unique selling point for your brand identity. This will be delivered through.

  • Assesing your customer pain points and developing audience profiles.
  • Developing an authentic message and specific Call to Action (CTA).
  • Creating consistency and varying post types e.g., written vs visual vs audio.
Building a social community with Novata Solutions

It’s in the title Community! Our Social Media Specialists are all about building up your community, through reaching out to those like-minded individuals as well as creating personal connections with your community/ followers. In turn, reaching out to a larger audience.

Social Analytics and Review

Like any Marketing strategy, consistent review and feedback is necessary. Therefore, our Social Media Specialist will deliver monthly reports discussing trends, key differences and future actions to consider.

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Why Choose Us

  • We provide an educational approach.
  • Knowledgable and proactive approach in current trends and best practices.
Why choose Novata Solutions for SEM

When you partner with Novata Solutions, our first steps are to get to know all about you and your company!

Our team of Digital Marketing specialist have years’ of experience within the industry. They know what to look for and can provide extensive insights into helping your business thrive in the world of digital marketing, providing that competitive edge.

We will introduce you to our team of Digital Marketers and you can introduce us to your team, generally over coffee works for us!

We're looking forward to introducing you to our team of Digital Marketers, over coffee of course!

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