Novata Solutions provides tailored hosting solutions based on your applications requirements, while keeping an eye on your budget.

IaaS allows for automated and scalable environments with extreme flexibility and control. PaaS provides a framework for quickly developing and deploying applications by automating the majority of infrastructure and software provisioning, while VPS sit in the middle allowing you to scale to a fixed level with some control of software provisioning.


Our Cloud service offering focus’s around Platform-as-a-Service, Virtual Private Servers and Infrastructure-as-a-Service for small, medium and enterprise businesses.


Use PaaS when you just want to manage your application, but you don’t want to mess with all the nuances of building servers, networks, and managing databases. Web Applications with CMS and Database requirements are ideal for PaaS. PaaS will share compute resources and store your information alongside other users, but security features like encryption and containers will keep your data separate and secure.


Use IaaS when you need to customise the underlying hardware or software for an application, you have specific security concerns that require an isolated database or you need a Highly Available environment for your applications.


Use VPS when you need dedicated resources for your environment or your application isn’t supported in a turn key PaaS environment. If you need to host multiple Web sites or applications it maybe more cost effective than individual PaaS environments.   

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