Application Development

Our applications can be built on various platforms such as OutSystems and Microsoft Azure. At Novata Solutions we work closely with you to understand your business needs, using low-code environments to rapidly develop powerful and proven applications.

Combining our innovative and agile practices with intelligent management, creativity and a high level of ICT expertise, we deliver solutions that transform your strategies and plans into real outcomes by utilising the best people in the industry.

Agile Development

Agile design and development delivers work in smaller, consumable increments or sprints. It involves the continuous evaluation of the solution, allowing for rapid response to changing requirements.

Progressive Web Application (PWA) Development

Progressive Web Applications ensure smooth performance while providing users with a recognisable experience, look, and feel of a native mobile app while only relying on web technologies and languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Angular Application Development

Angular, while another framework amongst hundreds of other modern developments frameworks, is an excellent choice for web applications of any kind. Angular separates itself and stands out thanks to its accelerated development process, off the shelf solutions, and scalability. Most importantly, it's supported by Google and has a vibrant community around the framework.

React Native Web Application Development

React Native Application development, while somewhat similar to PWAs with the ability to deliver cross-platform applications, can provide a truly cross-platform, native experience due to its platform-specific JavaScript-based components for iOS and Android while maintaining a single codebase.

.NET Application Development

.NET application development utilises Microsoft technologies to rapidly deliver scalable solutions. 

Solution Architecture

Outlines the development processes for projects to be built and deployed.


A low-code platform, enabling rapid delivery of business applications.


Integration delivers additional value from your existing investment, connecting data and systems from both on premise and in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Consulting

Enables cloud computing platforms to manage physical assets in an on-premise environment.


DevOps combines development and IT operations and processes to compliment agile application development.

Application Support

We offer support and maintenance once your application has been deployed, so that it continues to run seamlessly.

Business Process Modelling

The graphical representation of an organisation’s workflows.

Database Modelling

Shows the logical structure, relationships and constraints within an application’s development.

The benefits of Low-Code Applications

Low-Code Rapid Application development allows developers to easily transition your mobile application ideas into a reality for your company within a matter of days.


Low-Code platforms will cut your development time in half without any compromises of User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX). Mobile features include,

  • Pixel-perfect UX
  • Easily integratable within any system
  • Offline security and functionality’
  • One-click deployment


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