Controlled Document Management System

Novata Solutions provides a customised Controlled Document Management System for Office365, that is best suited to your business.

Our Customised CDMS

A CDMS is an online library that contains and controls documents that are used and managed by your company. This solution architecture includes 3 libraries:

Authoring Library:

Authoring Library:

The authoring repository that is used to manage the creation, updating, approval, and archiving of the documents. These libraries are locked down by permissions and are not accessible to all users.
Published Library:

Published Library:

The published library is where a rendition of the approved document is copied to, either in its original file format or converted to a PDF. This library is crawled by the SharePoint search service and the documents are accessible via a custom search to all users who need to view and read the documents.
Archive Library:

Archive Library:

The archive library is where the document resides when it has been archived. Retention and disposal policies can be set to archive these documents. Access to this library is restricted. Archived documents cannot be edited at this stage; however, the document and associated metadata can be viewed

The benefits of Novata Solutions’ customised CDMS:

  • Familiar Office365 user experience
  • Standard and consistent metadata classification
  • Custom Actions: Automated periodic review process
  • Power BI Dashboards
  • Automated periodic task management
  • In-depth Search function filtered to your requirements
  • Document templates
  • Workflows
  • Version Control
  • Document checkout capabilities
  • Security of documents
  • Access and permission control
  • Audit history
  • Retention and Disposal Policies
  • Auto classification using AI

The SharePoint Benefits of a CDMS:

  • Custom view and filters
  • Automated alerts
  • Tagged documents in email for alerts and notifications when document is distributed via email and SMS
  • CDMS integration with:
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PDF

Controlled Document Management System

Novata Solutions’ customised CDMS is an in-depth solution for your company’s document management, providing simplicity and ease for your business.