Community Engagement

Novata Solutions is proud to give back to the community. We have supported a large variety of charities, community groups and causes over many years through pro-bono work and yearly fundraising initiatives.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Novata Solutions are an advocate for diversity and inclusivity within the workplace. In 2021 our COO, Tracy De Paolis has initiated a group for women from all kinds of backgrounds, ethnicities and stories, to create a safe environment for them to get together and be apart of a group that celebrates women and their experiences. The group is open to all people that identify as women, and does not, and will not, allow for any discrimination for those that may be on the spectrum of gender. 

The group was initially founded for an International Women's Day breakfast, where the meet-up was registered and approved with International Women's Day. The goal for the intial meet-up was to help create a call to action for accelerating gender parity

The group is currently providing a platform for social interaction, online and inperson, where women can get together and be apart of something that allows for expression of freedom, and support for gender-bias. 

If you are interested in joining our group. please send us an enquiry from our contact page!

At Novata Solutions, we also honour our Diversity & Inclusivity policy by providing our staff and clients with the correct religious, cultural and phsyical/mental needs that they may need within their everyday work activities. 

UPDATE: Tracy De Paolis Director and COO has been announced as a finalist for the 2021 ARN WIICT Awards for the category, Diversity & Inclusion Champion - Individual. 

Novata Solutions Inaugural International Women's Day lunch 2021


At Novata Solutions, we love to help out any cause that sits close to our hearts. See below a small list of activities and fundraising events we've attended to help Charities, and Not-For-Profits thrive. 

  • 2017 Parkerville Charity Lunch
  • 2017 Brightwater Longest Lunch
  • 2017 MercyCare Golf Day
  • 2018 United Way WA Showcase
  • 2018 MercyCare Golf Day
  • 2018 Putt4Dough
  • 2018 Parkerville Charity Lunch - Atteneded and Auctioned 
  • 2019 Share The Dignity - It's In The Bag - Provided 20 Bags
  • 2020 Share The Dignity - It's In The Bag - Provided 15 Bags 
  • 2020 Trustee for NSW Fire Services and Brigades - Donation
  • 2021 United Way WA Empowered for Employment - Sponorship and attendance

Below is a small list of activities and fundraising events we've put on/Satff have signed up for: 

  • 2018 Stress Down Day
  • 2019 HBF Run for a Reason
  • 2019 City to Surf
  • 2019 My Marathon Heart Foundation 
  • 2019 RSPCA Cupcake Day
  • 2020 First Aid Training with 
  • 2020 RUOK Day Lunch and Learn 
  • 2020 Christmas Coin Drop - for Soul Gestures, Brightwater and United Way
  • 2020 Movember - Movata Crew Raised $100 
  • 2020 Walk for Me for Youth Focus
  • 2020 Laps for Life
  • 2021 Laps for Life
  • 2021 FebFit - Fitness and Health Awareness Challenge 
  • 2021 Internation Women's Day
Novata Solutions RSPCA cupcake fundraiser


See below a list of donated efforts, time and other things:

  • Brighwater Projector/Movie Screen
  • CLAN Midland Website
  • The Periscope Crew Website 
  • Lifecycle for Canteen Website, Hosting and Microsoft 365
  • The Greatest Show Spectacular Website and SEO/SEM
  • United Way WA - Laptop Donation
  • United Way WA - Sponsorship for Empowered for Employment
  • Calan Williams Racing - Sponsorship and Website Build 

Organisations close to our hearts

United Way
Mercy Care
CLAN Midland
Heart Foundation

Let's work together

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