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We are a team of thinkers and solvers, thriving on new technologies and innovative solutions. We embrace challenges with an eagerness to learn, leveraging the knowledge of our combined years of experience.
Novata Solutions Director & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Rinaldo De Paolis

Rinaldo De Paolis

Director & Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Rinaldo De Paolis is the founding Director & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Novata Solutions, a leading WA application development company using the latest low code and rapid development. His role in Novata as being the chief Solution Architect and Innovator has brought the company much global success and recognition. After working for the last 20 years within the digital innovation space, Rinaldo has to his credit, the inception of the The West.Com, Click to Bid and recently winning the OutSystems Global award for Enterprise Transformation with Monadelphous. He is highly regarded and sought after for his technical and analytical abilities and strategic thinking.

Rinaldo has a strong desire for continuous improvement and qualifications, and he ensures that the Novata team maintain the highest levels of certification. Rinaldo is all about giving back to the community and is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in life.
Novata Solutions Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tracy De Paolis

Tracy De Paolis

Director & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Tracy is the Director of Operations and Projects at Novata Solutions. Tracy has 30 years professional and managerial experience in Hospitality, Not-For-Profit organisations and Information Technology.

Tracy has the responsibility of overseeing the daily operations of the business and project management. Highly experienced in both financial and business process modelling, she is a versatile and well-rounded consultant.

Tracy has a degree in Accounting, is certified in Business Analytics and is an Agile Scrum Master.  

General Manager of Design & Marketing Alex Noor

Alex Noor

General Manager

Alex has over 15 years’ experience in web and app development and graphic design across the News and Media, Design and Information Technology industries.

As the Project Delivery and Creative Manager, Alex is responsible for the successful delivery of many different platforms of content management systems and design projects at Novata Solutions. Alex is our senior UX/UI consultant and is certified in Customer Experience (CX) Strategy and Design.

Alex’s wealth of creative knowledge, passion for design and unique creative vision are integral to what he does.  

Meet The Rest!

Our team consits of developers, designers, marketing coordinators, the list goes on, but more importantly our team consists of real people! Our team is diverse and our goal is to celebrate one another for our differences and quirks!

Below is a small introduction to what we do behind closed doors!

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